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Welcome!  You are about to enter a new vision of music education where instruction is a personalized service in which we value the opportunity to assist each student in obtaining his/her personalized music goals.  Our program us designed to develop the TOTAL musician through instruction, music theory, ear training, sight-reading, performance opportunities, and master classes.  Scientific research proves that the earlier we become involved in music the better, but the brain is in a lifelong process of growth and renewal; therefore, it is never too late to become involved in music.  Congratulations on your decision to enhance the musical education in your family!
Providing a comprehensive music program and maintaining the highest caliber of instruction is the foundation our center has been built upon since 1970.  Stubbs' Music Center provides professional instructors.  Each instructor is dedicated to the goal that students of all ages should enjoy and have fun with music.  We strive to do this within a warm, caring, learning environment.
We offer:
  •  Seven Private Studios
  •  Two Group Studios
  • A Percussion Studio
  • A Jingle Jam Studio
  • A Recital Hall
  • A Theory Computer Lab
The faculty of Stubb's Music Center holds membership in many professional music organizations, which offer a variety of evaluative, performance and competitive experiences.  Wile participation in these experiences are not required, the experience gained from participating in one or more of these events is invaluable in developing the TOTAL musician.  Special event s are offered for each student, based upon the student's personal aspirations.
We welcome your comments throughout the year.  It is important that we maintain open lines of COMUNICATION. For additional information we invite you to email us at music@stubbs.org or visit the office.  Offiec hours are as follows:
Monday - Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Friday by appointment
Saturday by appointment
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide music education to your family!

ENROLLMENT:  All students must register for classes online at www.stubbs.org or visit 1260 Timberlane Rd.  A student is considered enrolled after a registration form and a payment option form is completed, a lesson time is confirmed, and payment for the registration/materials fee has been made.  Lesson payment is required PRIOR to the student's first lesson.  Registration forms are completed once per year, with our year being June 1 - May 31.

TUITION:  Registration, materials, theory and lesson fees are billed each semester.  Cash, check, or credit card are methods of payment.  The registration/materials fee is due at the beginning of each semester.  Once  a deposit is made it is NONREFUNDABLE!  Instrument lesson cost may be paid by the semester or monthly payments.  See our Payment Option Form.  Semester bills are handed out to each student prior to the beginning of the next semester.  (Semester I - Summer, Semester II - Fall-Winter and Semester III - Spring)  No monthly statements are sent but a current statement may be requested.  Monthly payments are due by the tenth.  A twenty-dollar late fee is added after the tenth.  Instructors are not paid until your payment is received.  The first payment MUST be received prior to the first lesson.  Lesson fees are variable based upon private, partner or group instruction, age and length of lesson.  The registration fee is applied towards mailings, awards, recital costs, computer programs, theory supplies, pencils, purchasing instruments, and other basic student supplies.  The materials fee, which varied per area of instruction, is applied towards the student's instructional materials, music bag, assignment book, and other musical supplies.  If the student requires more music than the budget allows, your instructor will request permission to get the additional materials and then you will be billed.  Materials are totaled from June 1st through April 30th of the next year.  No music is given out during May.

PAYMENT OPTION FORM:  At the time of registration the person responsible for payment will sign a payment option form indicating whether payment will be made by semester or monthly and whether the payment will be check, cash or credit card.

TERMINATION OF LESSONS:  Lessons are billed and taught by the semester.  There are three semesters per year.  Once enrolled for the school year students are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the next semester, unless written notification is received thirty days prior to the beginning of the next semester except Jingle Jam students.  Time slot is not reserved until registration and materials fees have been paid.  If you discontinue lessons during a semester, you are responsible for FULL payment.  Please be considerate of your instructor, as he/she has reserved a time slot especially for you.

MAKE-UP LESSONS:  Private and group instrumental students between the ages of 4 and 18 are allowed two make-up lessons per semester due to the student being unable to attend his lesson.  Each instructor schedules the make-ups for his/her students.  The lessons are often taught in Master Class format.  Ask your instructor about his individual studio makeup schedule.  Adults who need to miss a lesson and give notice will be rescheduled, this may occur three times a semester.  Make-up lessons are not carried over to the next semester.  Please understand that your instructor is at Stubbs' Music Center prepared to teach, and is paid for that time, regardless of whether or not the student attends.

INSTRUCTOR'S ABSENCE:  If an instructor is absent, a substitute will be arranged.  If this is not possible, then it is the instructor's responsibility to make-up the lesson at a convenient time for both parties involved, and it is given as a normal lesson.  Theory lessons continue as scheduled.

VACATION PERIODS:  During the school year Stubbs' Music Center strives to follow the public school schedule.  However lessons are taught on Teacher Planning Days.  The school is closed for Labor Day, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Memorial Day and July 4th.

NO MUSIC at LESSON:  If a student forgets his music for his lesson three times, an additional set is purchased and you are charged directly for the second set.  The second set of books will be kept at the school to be used for future lessons.

COMMUNICATION:  Open communication is a necessity to have a successful music program
     1.  Information letters will be sent home prior to each semester which will include the next semester's statement.
     2.  Visit our website ww.stubbs.org with updates throughout the year as well as our Facebook Page.
     3.  Email (music@stubbs.org) is available.
     4.  Please check assignment books and music bags for notes from instructors.
     5.  Strive to attend your student's class each semester.  If you have ANY concersn, Mrs Brown is available
          by appointment to talk with you.

          a.  SMC Recitals are held throughout the year in our recital hall.  Please see calendar for dates. 
               The Winter and Spring recitals are required for both SMC and SEF scholarship students.
          b.  Instructors have the opportunity to have Individual Studio Recitals featuring all or part of their studio.

     2.  EVALUATIONS AND COMPETITIONS:  We encourage our students to participate in many activities provide by the 
          Tallahassee Music Teachers' Association, and  the Florida State Music Teachers' Association, There application fees
          for these activities, and your instructor will keep you informed of the dates, costs and the due date.
PERFORMANCE ATTIRE:  Stubbs' Music Center has set a standard for our recital events.  Students should be in "dress" attire.  Formal dress is not required.  Jeans, shorts, athletic wear, sneakers and flip-flops are prohibited,  Dresses/skirts should be long enough to be appropriate for on-stage appearance. 

STUDENT/PARENT CONFERENCES;  An open lesson policy exists at Stubbs' Music Center.  You are invited to attend a lesson at any time.  In addition to lesson attendance, the faculty is available for conference concerning your student's progress at any time during the year.  It is essential to keep communication open between the student, parent and instructor.  Please call in advance if you desire a conference at a time other than the student's lesson time.

REQUEST OF INSTRUCTOR CHANGE:  We are aware that music is a personable adventure.  To be successful in the music development of a student, the instructor and the student must be able to communicate well.  If this relationship does not seem to be developing, a request of instructor change is encouraged,  We want the opportunity to match each student with an instructor who will relate well with him or her.  We strive to give each student the best music instruction available, and by working together, we can be successful. 

      1. Locations:
          a.  During the day from Maclay
          b.  After school from Gilchrist, North Florida Christian and Maclay.
           c.  Any school within 7 miles if three or more students are enrolled.
      2.  There is a transportation fee per semester.
      3.  Before a student can be transported a Transportation Permission Form and Liability Waiver has to be signed by the 
            parent or guardian.
       4.  Please contact SMC at least by 10 a.m. if your student is not to be picked up at his regular time.
       5.  The student must be at the designated pick-up area no later than ten minutes after the final dismissal bell. 
             If a student misses the van, then the parents will be notified so that they can make arrangements to
             pick up their student.
       6.   If a student does not wear a seat belt, he will no longer be allowed to ride.
       7.  If a student leaves trash in the van, the parents will have a choice of either the student no longer riding the van 
            with no  refund for the term or the parents will pay $25 for the van to be cleaned.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE:  When dropping off or picking up students, please enter the parking area by our mailbox and exit directly in front of the school.  If you are staying during your student's lesson, please do not block the driveway.  If parking spaces are filled it is recommended that you park across the street at Gilchrist School.

PRACTICE:  In order to lean an instrument well, practice must be done.  It is the parent's responsibility to assist in setting a schedule and to make certain practice is done.  Each student must establish a routine of uninterrupted practice time at least five times per week.  For beginning students, practice should consist of ten, twenty or thirty minutes per session with a goal of 100 minutes per week. Length of practice should increase at least 20 minutes per week for each year of study. More important than the length  of practice session, is for the time spent to be concentrated time.  Parents should have the instrument in a different room from the television set.  Parents should read the practice assignment each week.  If you, the parent, do not understand the assignments, please call the instructor.  Parents are encouraged to listen to their student perform his/h/her assignment at least once per week.  Success in learning to play any instrument DEPENDS on parental involvement!  Students between the ages of four to seven need to have parental involvement!  Commitment equals success! Rewarding progress is guaranteed if sufficient time has been offered at home for the student to develop efficient practice skills.
BEHAVIOR:  We desire to maintain a quiet, learning environment; therefore, students are required to remain seated and quiet in the reception areas before and after class.  It is NOT the instructor's responsibility to locate the student.  The student should be aware of the time, and be waiting got can not sit quietly, a parent will be requested to sit with the student until the lesson time, or the parent will be asked to come pick-up the student immediately.  WE do not mind the student coming directly from school and waiting until lesson time abd for the parental pick-up, but we do REQUIRE polite manners and showing respect for students who are in lessons.  The goal is to have no more than a thiry minute waiting period before or after lesson.

CHILE CARE:  SMC is NOT a bay-sitting service.  Please be prompt in picking up your student.  Students should not be left at Stubbs' for a period of time exceeding thirty minutes before or after scheduled time.  If longer, the parents will be billed $5 for each additional half hour during business hours.  If after regular business hours the parent will be charged at the rate of $2.00 per minute.  We close at 8:00 pm on Monday-Thursday. 

WEATHER RELATED CLOSINGS:  For hurricanes and other acts of nature in which we have no control, SMC will abide by the national, state, or local authorities' decisions on office and school closings!  These missed lessons are not required to be made-up.
EMERGENCY LOCK-DOWNS:  IF SMC is notified by the local law enforcement of the necessity of a lock-down in our area, we will follow that advisory and you may be assured of your student(s) safety.

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