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  Music Education Makes Our Day!

School of Arts and Science Parents

Dear School of Arts and Science Parents,

We at Stubbs' Music Center are delighted to have the opportunity to begin our 12th year of service to the School of Arts and Science students and parents.  Music is the only universal language that is available to us; therefore, when it comes to choosing your student's activities it is our hope that music instruction will be the activity that helps him to learn this universal language.

In addition to the Fine Art program students may take music instruction during the after school program.  Mr. Jeff Henry, a jazz pianist, will be teaching 30 minute private lessons in piano as well as a group theory, ensemble and techniques lesson each week.

There are several important facts of which you need to aware as you consider this opportunity. (1) Participation is voluntary. (2) Students sign up by semester. (3) Students have the opportunity to perform in all Stubbs' Music Center sponsored recitals. (4) Students may be asked to participate in various programs at Arts and Science School.  (5) The tuition is payable directly to Stubbs' Music Center by check, Visa,  or Master Charge. 

We at Stubbs' Music Center appreciate the opportunity to be of service to the school of Arts and Science parents and students.  Music education is a vital part of every young person's life and the discipline that it teaches is so important in the development of students.  Music participation enhances concentration, self-confidence, coordination, self-expression, memory skills, poise, teamwork, goal setting and self-esteem.  Our offer to you is quality music education with out the transportation problems.

Making music instruction a part of your activities is making a great educational decision!  A special thanks to Kate Tiluga for all of her support!

Sarah Brown